Mini VR camera: Record Your Life in an Interesting Way

Summer holiday is coming, it is travel that most of us would like to choose to enrich our life experience. For many times, we often equate our life experience with the number of stamps in our passports. Aha, actually, if you wanna remember your trip forever, the best way is to record your wonderful moment with your camera. In my view, every time when you open the albums and look at the pictures, all the memories will rise in your mind. It seems that nothing fades away. So you can see that how important a camera is.

What’s more, nowadays, mobile phone has become more and more popular. People tend to take photos with their smartphones due to its portability and easy-operation. Therefore, in order to adapt to consumers’ daily habit, at the same time, to satisfy the need of high-quality photos, GOLE has launched a mini phone lens, which is able to provide you with a vivid panoramic world.

It is designed in a 46mm*46mm*19mm circle box with the weight of 33g. It is quite mini so that you can put it in your pocket everywhere. The interface of this USB camera is TYPE-C, generally suitable for most of mobile phones in the market. Besides, you should be noted that it is functioned in the system of Android4.2.2 or above. Particularly, this camera doesn’t support you with TF-card. You must should be clear that this camera plays the role of a photography tool to help you get more comprehensive and special angle of your pictures. So the file will just be saved in your phone album.

Speaking of the camera, GOLE smartphone Mini VR camera supports you with four mode, flat, sphere, planet, VR mode. In these modes, you are able to see the pictures in different interesting angles. In flat mode, what you see is the wider angle following with much more scenery. In addition, if you want your pictures unique, it is better for you to choose sphere and planet mode, which is so special to record the life. As for VR mode, it is the main feature of this camera. In order to improve your sense of immersive, you can watch the videos with your VR glasses, enjoying the breathtaking panoramic viewing.

Smartphone Mini VR Camera

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