Mecool M8S PRO Tv Android Box

Television is an electronic device that always works well when it’s well connected to many other peripheral devices! We always get the best to connect to our televisions so as to acquire the best output we desire! That’s why the MECOOL M8S PRO TV doesn’t really go without being mentioned! It’s an android box that displays many amazing features!

Mecool m8s android box

Features and advantages

This android box is a small device that measures 4.02 by 4.02 by 0.83 inches. It’s actually very small and cannot even be visible among the very many peripheral devises connected to your television! This Android box comes with many amazing features such as the learning system! It allows you to pair it with your TV. When this is done, you are now capable of using one remote to control both your TV and your android box! It has other small features such as the browser, the volume button, the delete and the mute button!

Mecool M8s pro TV has a very powerful processor and an amazing 2 GB RAM of DDR4 type and a 16 GB ROM! It
also has an Octa-core processor which handles 4k ultra HD tasks easily! The Amlogic S905W chipset makes it work faster with the greatest efficiency! With the ability to enable the Bluetooth remote, the responsiveness of this device is enhanced. Mecool M8S PRO TV BOX can work well with Bluetooth! The Android box has a DDR4 upgrade which has done a great deal in improving the capacity by 300% and the power consumption is reduced by 30% in comparison to the initial DDR3 type! Proper setup of this device can also allow the device to cache to the available memory due to the 3G RAM1

Mecool m8s android box

An android box also comes with a 7.1 nougat, considered to be the most efficient and modest operating system! Its user interface is human-friendly with a provision of the best customization options! You can always add your new Apps on your home screen! It can also allow you to install a TV center Apps which in turns becomes a gateway to many add-ons which you can install in your device! You can also directly connect to the rooter that has CAT 5 cable, which will automatically upgrade the download speed in your device to 93.86 Mbps and the upload speed enhanced to 24.85 Mbps! It also has a micro-cast and an airplay that will do you good in that your android box shares some files with your phone or your PC!


An Android box, Mecool M8S PRO TV box is just an amazing entity that can really add the value to your entertainment and quality of technology in your house! Get this amazing entity at Banggood at the most pocket-friendly prices of 23 dollars!

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