LAOTIE Ti30 Electric Scooter With Dual 5600W Motors For Powerful Riding

The LAOTIE Ti30 electric scooter looks more like a Jakobike or a Boyueda. Sturdy construction straight out of a motorcycle with two strong shock absorbers at the front. Interestingly, the adult electric scooter can be purchased in versions with tires for urban and off-road use, they differ in the type of profile. Both versions are 11-inch tubeless tires.


The Design

The Laotie Ti30 can reach 85 km/h and can carry a 200 kg load. The equipment is very sturdy and, unlike the Boyued, its users don’t complain that there are problems with the electronics. However, this is too young to say objectively. The front and rear lights are full-LED. Thanks to its high-quality construction made of aluminum and metal, this electric scooter can carry up heavy stuff. Despite being ridden with DUAL motors and heavier riders, this scooter does not compromise quality performance. The plus point is the high-quality design of the handlebar folding and folding mechanism. This makes it easier for you to transport the scooter.



Each wheel has a motor with a maximum power of up to 2800W. Thanks to this performance, the top speed of this scooter can exceed 85 km / h, that is why it is considered by many to be one of the fastest electric scooter. Banggood offers this Laotie Ti30 TANK in a design with on-road or off-road tubeless tires. If you have a defect, you can simply plug a hole with a broken axis kit (also used in cars). You no longer have to deal with annoying discounts.
You start the Ti30 electric scooter with the help of an alarm key and secure the scooter from theft with this remote control. Because it also contains an alarm. The scooter has high-quality headlights that can illuminate up to several hundred meters. The scooter has high-quality hydraulic brakes which you will really appreciate at higher speeds.



The LAOTIE Ti30 scooter arrives with a 60 V / 38.6 Ah Landbreaker lithium battery. In the package, you will find 2 chargers that can be used to charge the scooter for about 5 hours.


The LAOTIE Ti30 electric scooter is undoubtedly one of the best electric scooters that you can get in 2021. From its design to its performance, everything is superb. This scooter is available for purchase on Banggood.

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LAOTIE Ti30 Electric Scooter With Dual 5600W Motors For Powerful Riding
Article Name
LAOTIE Ti30 Electric Scooter With Dual 5600W Motors For Powerful Riding
Electric scooters are quite common to see on the streets these days. One of the reasons for the rampant usage is its ease of use and efficiency. Today, I will be reviewing the LAOTIE Ti30.

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