LAOTIE ES19 Scooter Review

LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter with 6000W Dual Motor 10 inch inflamation wide wheel tire, Double Disk Brake Foldable Scooter with 60V 38.4Ah Lithium Battery, With wide-point lighting plan, the illumination range is more farther and wider. Double damping gadget, with high elastic spring shock absorbtionand hydraulic pressure, smooth riding experience, adapting to difficult road conditions. All these and many more I will talk about in this LAOTIE ES19 review.


The Design

The LAOTIE ES19 6000W Electric Scooter folds and you can fold it effortlessly, this is an awesome individual transport, easy to fold design, the bike can be immediately collapsed for capacity at home, in the workplace or in the car trunk, Providing another way of life as the ideal transportation gadget for regular use. The body is thickened with an aluminum alloy body, fold and open in 3 seconds, could be removed in and from the elevator, or put in the trunk of the vehicle. Fit for men/ladies Working downtown and commute travel. The 10-inch rough terrain tires can run with high-grip on the road. Also, simple to climb any slope you likely encounter.The rough terrain explosion-proof vacuum tire, more grounded bearing capacity.



Two independent 3000W x 2 wheel engine gives the maximum 100km/h speed and max 50-degree gradient, 60V 38.4AH Lithium Battery, amazing and simple to climb, driving speed up to 80km/h and range is around 90-100km,. The turning signal light will protect you when you need to turn left or right side. With a wide-angle lighting design, the light range is more extensive and farther. It is more helpful for riding at night,With LED running light design is more excellent. Night riding is now safe to try.

The braking impact is extremely sensitive, and the beak responsiveness is exceptionally quick. The braking process can be finished with just light effort, giving you a quicker and more secure braking effect. The handlebars are ergonomically configured to make them more comfortable to grab. HD dial display, change the speed, riding distance, check the remaining power and different parameters. Good for one-handed activity, making it simpler to see and work while riding. The battery of the power supply can completely charge in 5 to 6 hours and supports up to 100 km driving.



The LAOTIE ES19 Scooter is ideal for city and rough terrain driving. The bike has magnificent attributes – an incredible engine, a vast battery, disc brakes, and phenomenal suspension. LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter at a moderate price accompanies all things required for an comfortable ride for a rider. To get one of these electric scooter visit Banggood  which is the global leading online shop; passion buying on Banggood.

LAOTIE ES19 Scooter Review
Article Name
LAOTIE ES19 Scooter Review
Whether you just want to have fun or go to your place of work close to your neighborhood, an electric scooter will serve the purpose. In this article we won't be talking about just any electric scooter, but we will be reviewing the powerful LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter.

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