Langfeite L8S: Scooter Review


The Langfeite L8S can be a brilliant decision for individuals who need to travel a significant distance and need an agreeable bike. It has both front and back suspension, just as 10-inch tubeless tires, so lopsidedness of the black-top and little edges won’t be an issue.

Langfeite l8s

The Design

LANGFEITE L8S 2019 Version has a totally foldable framework, making it the ideal ally for your movements, consistently with style and solace. LANGFEITE L8S 2019 Version Electric Scooter made of Aluminum composite has high quality and lightweight, which extraordinarily diminishes the heaviness of the entire vehicle and makes riding simpler and more secure. The chrome-plated jolts that hold the body sorts out make a wonderful difference with the dark matte full metal body. The hearty suspension springs on the two wheels propose that the LANGFEITE L8S 2019 Version will give you an agreeable ride regardless of how far you drive. The adaptable drove strips give it that last touch it needs to look current. genuine blast evidence vacuum 10-inch tires make the sloppy streets compliment, enormous size guarantees more secure driving at higher rates. This bike can hold up to 150kg of weight.


LANGFEITE L8S 2019 Version has solid 800 Watt double engines conveys 55km of running separation and the LCD show permits you to check the speed, mileage, time, power, stop, voltage, and more data in a hurry. It has a 40-degree climbing capacity and the splendid LED light positioned on the front and back to guarantee safe riding, especially around evening time. The LANGFEITE L8S 2019 Version takes a shot at the Smart Operating Driving System, which surrenders the conventional handle brakes and changes it with a basic thumb break. The bike accompanies the front/back circle brake and electronic front wheel brake. It incorporates 2 motors of 800 watts (one on the front haggle other on the back wheel), figuring out how to arrive at speeds up to 45km/h. It gauges 27 kilograms and the most extreme weight it can uphold is 150 kilograms. Langfeite L8S is accessible in 2 forms: with 20Ah or 15Ah battery. The form in the article is the 20Ah and guarantees a scope of as much as 55 kilometers with a solitary charge. Full details can be found here.

Langfeite l8s


LANGFEITE L8S 2019 Version Electric Scooter is the ideal grown-up kick bike intended for a fast drive or an outing around town. On the head of that, the simple collapsing instrument permits you to take the high schooler bike anyplace and all over the place. You can get it from

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