Kid Skateboarding Safety Tips and Advice

Skateboarding has grown in popularity over the last few decades, and shots such as longboards and mountainboards are becoming more common.

But skateboards can also easily injure children, especially if they skate in the wrong place or don’t wear safety equipment. Blisters and bruises are almost a fact in skateboarding, and fractures and sprains are also common.

To be safe while skateboarding, children should follow these safety rules and tips.

Here are a few things riders need to get started:



Different boards do different things and children need the right board for their activity. Large boards with tires are best for mountaineering. In the garden, the kid skateboards should be much smaller. Ensure every part are in good shape and inspect the board for cracks, sharp edges, damaged wheels and loose parts before use.


Get a helmet designed specifically for skateboarding, not any other activity. Look for a sticker on the helmet that says it meets the ASTM F1492 skateboard helmet standard. All helmets must have strong straps and buckles, and the straps must be securely and snugly attached whenever your child rides.


Skateboarding is difficult on your shoes, feet and ankles. Make sure your child always wears closed shoes (no sandals). Spend more money and get a nice pair of leather or suede shoes. Make sure the sole is made of tougher rubber than regular shoe rubber and make sure the shoe fits snugly.


All amateurs should at least begin with knee and elbow pads, which are recommended for riders of all levels. They should have strong plastic protection and should not interfere with your child’s movement. All dressings must fit snugly without restricting blood flow.
Other equipment. Hip pads, skateboard gloves, padded jackets and shorts are available and are a great idea for beginners. Lip protection is a good protection against bumps and broken teeth.


Before Starting

The better the kids, the better they will be at all sports, not just skateboarding. Encourage your child to eat right and exercise regularly. They should also be warmed up and stretched before skating especially the back, legs, and ankles.

The place where children’s skates should be dry and cleaned of anything that could affect the roll of the board.

Before they start skating, teach the children that it is their turn and that no one is involved. When skaters fail to communicate, collisions can occur. And you shouldn’t be skating on your skateboard with other people. A board rider, period.


While Riding

Kids fall while skateboarding. It is very natural. To minimize injury, you should follow these tips:

Learning how to fall properly can reduce the risk of injury. Children need to know that if they lose their balance, crouching will prevent them from falling this far. You’ll also need to learn how to land and roll on the fleshy parts of your body instead of using your hands and arms to stop your fall.

Bigger tricks and bigger features equal bigger injuries. Once children learn a few tricks, they need a lot of practice before moving on to more complex maneuvers. You should leave the dirty stuff to the pros until they have enough experience to use it safely.

All riders should know and practice skateboard etiquette. In a crowded skate park, that means waiting your turn instead of jumping blindly into the bowl. This not only prevents fights from breaking out but also helps them avoid collisions with other skaters.



Skateboarding is a great way for kids to have fun and feel successful. There’s nothing better than mastering a new trick to feel confident and proud. With a lot of practice and common sense, one day they could be the ones who go round and round and own a skate park! To purchase your skateboards and gears, its advisable you purchase from Banggood.

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Kid Skateboarding Safety Tips and Advice
Article Name
Kid Skateboarding Safety Tips and Advice
Skateboarding is a very interesting sport that is popular among young teenagers and even kids. However, it is crucial to put all the necessary safety measures in place in order to avoid any form of casualty. Read on as we share with you some safety tips and advice for kids skateboarding.

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