Is Self Balancing Electric Vehicle Safe? IPS Will Answer For You

For some time, it is quite controversial that whether self balancing electric vehicle can be used on road or not. The key lies in whether the security of the user can be ensured or not.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics, there are a lot of staff driving the self balancing electric vehicles to serve for outstanding athletes from many countries. Over the past few years, self balancing electric vehicle is extended to a diversified way of travel. It can be used for security patrol, leisure entertainment, short-distance travel, sports venues, indoor venues, large warehouses, shopping center, and so on.

As a matter of fact, self balancing electric vehicle has a variety of products, such as electric toys only 5 km/h or 15 to 20 kilometers per hour, which can all be referred to as self balancing electric vehicle. With the improvement of the speed, the corresponding security of the electric vehicle will also be improved. For example, the existing models of IPS have speed limit protection, and when the speed of the vehicle is more than 12 km/h, the electric vehicle will has board warped phenomenon to remind user to slow down. In addition, all models of IPS have overload protection, and when the load of the vehicle is more than 120 kilograms, the vehicle will not go. Besides, IPS electric vehicles have low battery protection to ensure security. Thus, whether the self balancing electric vehicle is safe or not depends on whether you purchase the goods from formal producers.

IPS, as the first domestic self balancing electric vehicle manufacturer, has been far ahead on market share. Its aim is to produce better and safer products to meet the needs of society. For workers who need to go to work with this electric vehicle, or those who are designated drivers, this electric vehicle can save time, money and labor for them. It can reduce the travel cost and make our living environment green, purifying polluted haze weather.

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