IPS Electric Unicycle Brake Technique

How to brake is one of the questions that people think of when seeing the IPS electric unicycle and starts riding. The passage here aims to solve your question, allowing you to see the principle and method of the brake.

IPS Electric Unicyle

As for the principle, it is using the built-in gyroscope and sensor control box to adjust the motion state of the unicycle.

In terms of method, when your feet stand on the folding pedals of the both sides of the wheel, you can adjust your body posture to control the unicycle. The gravity center is forward, and the unicycle will move forward. The gravity center is backward, and the unicycle will move backward. The more your body leans forward, the faster the speed is. In general, leaning left or right determines your turning.    

When practice, you’ d better find the places that have railings, or you can ask a friend for help. When buying a unicycle, you should consider some factors, such as security, life, weight, price and so on. Knowing those figures can help you a lot in learning IPS electric unicycle braking technique well.

The top speed of IPS electric unicycle is only 16km per hour, lower than the speed limit of a bicycle that is about 20km per hour, so that there is low risk. After the unicycle gyroscope open, the unicycle will not be imbalanced, only needing adjustment of gravity and turning to adjust the speed and braking. In addition, you can hold auxiliary pole, and even imbalances, you will also not fall.

By now, you can understand the principle and method of IPS electric unicycle brake easily and clearly from the above. It is hoped that you can understand and learn the unicycle brake technique well based on the above instruction, and you can have a great fun of riding the unicycle.

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