Introduction Of Dual Wheels Electric Scooter Rental Market In China

Dual wheels electric scooter went on sale as early as the beginning of 2000. Because product availability and price do not match, the market has not been able to promote quickly. Segway was early busy with policy issues, and it focused on high-end products. Most of the orders was for the police, sightseeing tour buses and other public service facilities, leading the electric scooter, as a luxury product, not to be recognized and accepted by the public.Dual Wheels Electric Scooter

In China, dual wheels electric scooter followed Segway marketing pattern, but after a short development, it was found that electric scooter market still need to face the terminal consumers. Therefore, the domestic dual wheels electric scooter has greatly improved and perfected product price, appearance and performance, making it truly become a kind of consumer electronics.

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Segway’ s early failure of marketing idea makes domestic electric scooter manufacturers have gone some detours. Although some domestic manufacturers have begun the pattern of the mass consumer electronics product, most of the current domestic companies is mainly on attracting investment. The factory is responsible for the production, and the agent distributor is responsible for product sales. For inexperienced merchants, it undoubtedly gives them a big problem.
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According to the current domestic marketing ideas, it can be divided into direct sales, leasing and business services. Before it really meets the public demands, the lease is definitely a big potential market. At present, each big enterprise have also been gradually carried out dual wheels electric scooter leasing, and the services will include individual tourism, golf courses, holiday villa rental service, exhibition display advertising business, company or PR campaign, new product market promotion, commercial or entertainment shows, or a drive test before buying.

Dual wheels electric scooter is relatively expensive compared with one wheel electric unicycle. A lot of people are interested in it and desiring to play it, but they can’ t afford it. Dual wheels electric scooter is simple and easy to operate, so it can be gained through the lease. Compared with walking, riding electric scooter is far more interesting and fascinating. It is deeply loved by the young.  

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