i-Robot Releases Innovative igo Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter

It is reported that recently i-Robot has released a new intelligent self balancing scooter, called igo, as usual, adhering to the exquisite technology and the interaction between the scooter and the user. At the same time, the price is also likely to be inexpensive. And now, let’ s talk about this innovative igo together in the following.  
igo Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter
This is the igo, different from the ordinary scooter, having its unique and special design and appearance. With it, you can stand on it or sit on it, which is extremely innovative and subversive.  
igo Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter-1
It is said that the igo core components go through strict shock testing, featuring longevity and stability. On material selection, although everyone will think of the most valuable, or do some flattering on color design, igo chooses PU as elastomer in consideration to scooter buffer processing, which is the only one I’ve known so far considering relevant processing. That’ s worth the thumb up.
igo Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter-2
What’ s worth to say is that this igo has a humanized design. At a lot of times, due to constraints of more people and crowded traffic, the user need to come down from the scooter, and carrying more than 10 kilograms scooter to walk is not easy and simple. igo has a humanized design, and the user can pull the handle of the scooter and walk. At the same time, the scooter motor provides auxiliary power, and the user only needs a small effort to pull it for a walk.  

It is obvious from the above that this igo is innovative and intelligent, extremely practical and convenient to use. To sum up, this self balancing scooter is undoubtedly a product worth attention.

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