HX Electric Unicycle: Cool Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Unicycle

Recently, I find a new style new designed electric unicycle, called HX electric unicycle. This unicycle is a cute and cool Bluetooth speaker LED light electric unicycle, far more advanced and practical than others.

I am fond of it at the first sight. And now, let’ s see more about it together in the following.

With 6W Bluetooth speaker, this unicycle can make your travel more funny. It can connect with your phone through Bluetooth, and then music is always by your side.

With high bright LED front light and red LED alarm light, it can make your night travel more safe.

With USB2.0 interface, you can never worry about the low power of your mobile phone again, and you can also charge your phone at anytime and anywhere.
With removable battery, you can change the battery at anytime and anywhere. Bringing more batteries in your bag, you can travel far more than 30km, maybe 40km, 50km, if you have enough battery in your bag.

With LCD screen, it can display the remaining battery, more intuitive.
There is a little gift for you, that is remote control. It has two button, one for LED light control and the other for alarm sound control.

It is obvious from the above that this new style new designed this HX electric unicycle is really cute and cool. With Bluetooth speaker, LED light, USB2.0 interface and so on, this unicycle is extremely multi-functional and practical for use. It is easy to conclude that this new special electric unicycle is worth purchasing.  

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