How To Use Self Balancing Unicycle

Nowadays, more and more people like portable and practical self balancing unicycle, which is not only a means of transport, but also a kind of sport. If you learn to ride, you can make a lot of difficult movements on a unicycle. Before that, let’ s learn how to quickly learn basic riding.
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To riding the unicycle well, you should choose a suitable venue which is flat and open with no vehicle for safe practice. You need to check the unicycle before riding, such as whether the power is sufficient, whether there is a sound and loose while shaking it, whether there is friction between its shell and wheel by manual pushing, so on. After that, you can take further step to ride it.
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Then, you can place the self balancing unicycle on the ground, and put the two pedals down. Short pressing the power button, you start riding. You should put a foot on the center of the corresponding pedal, which can help you to transfer the whole body center of gravity to the feet easily and conveniently. You need to keep balance with the foot on the pedal.
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Like riding a bicycle, the most part of gravity will focus on the unicycle, and you can gently tread forward of the pedal. At the same time, the foot on the ground need gently push to the back, and the unicycle will walk forward. You need to try to keep balance in the process of cycling, and at the same time lightly put the foot on the ground on the other foot pedal. This step requires at least can ride for 3 to 5 m distance. During riding, after practice and practice, you can make various unicycle movements to have great fun.

So far, you can have a clear mind of how to use this portable and practical self balancing unicycle in details. It is hoped that you can take full control of riding based on the above instruction.


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