How To Ride Self Balancing Unicycle To Pass Speed Dump Correctly

Recently, after constant practice, I have learned how to ride the self balancing unicycle to pass speed dump correctly. If you want to know the method of passing the speed dump correctly, you can read the following, which will explain to you in details.

First of all, let’ s see why there is failure to pass the speed dump. It is said that you can not pass the speed dump because there is obstruction force when you ride the unicycle to pass the speed dump, and the rapidly increasing load of batteries is over protection value, so that the power supply system will automatically power off in order to protect the electrical parts. Thus, it is not easy to pass the speed bump. After knowing the reasons, you can learn from experienced rider to see how to pass speed dump correctly while riding the self balancing unicycle.
self balancing unicycle
In the not far away place from the speed bump, you should keep your body in natural squat, and at this point, your feet still clamp body with your knees bent. As for the bending degree, you can adjust it according to personal experience. When in deceleration zone, keeping your knees bent is the key to remain the below part of knees in the spring state. At that moment, the focus of this part is just a car body and feet because the speed bump up effect has increased, similar to the rise of the spring action. However, this part is relatively small to overall quality, so a speed bump unicycle load caused by overload is not large, resulting in little possibility of power cut. In the whole process of speed bump, your feet should always clump the unicycle according to the usual habits and strength.

So far, you can understand how to pass speed dump correctly while riding the self balancing unicycle. It is hoped that you can learn how to pass the speed dump as soon as possible and enjoy funny and interesting riding to the fullest.

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