How To Choose And Purchase Electric Self Balancing Unicycle

The hot sales of electric self balancing unicycle on the market makes it become the object that many merchants engage in. Just more than half a year, there are dozens of large and small electric unicycle brand all over the country, and each brand publicity is over spread, virtually causing great problems to consumers. What kind of electric unicycle is good? What to notice when choosing and purchasing unicycle? Here, the following will teach you the methods and techniques to help you choose the right one.

Firstly, you should look for genuine regular manufacturer. At present, there are all kinds of large and small brands of electric unicycle. Some don’ t have their own research and development team and production workshop, only purchasing the components for simple assembly with their own logo and directly for sales. The unicycle quality of that brand is not good. Some merchants even steal other brand publicity to cheat consumers. So, choosing a genuine regular manufacturer is very important.

Secondly, you can see the performance of the electric self balancing unicycle under the same price. Its performance is mainly about battery capacity, range, maximum load and so on. Taking IPS as an example, its range battery capacity is 90WH, requiring about one hour of charging. After fully charged, this unicycle can run around 10km range. The maximum load of this unicycle is 100kg, supporting adults use. The maximum speed of this unicycle is about 16km/h, quite fast and useful. Observing its performance allows you to choose a high quality product.  

Thirdly, you should consider about its after-sale protection which is vital and important. Genuine regular manufacturers have real strength and high quality products, and they are willing to provide after-sale protection.

The above three aspects are what you need to pay attention to when choosing and purchasing high quality electric self balancing unicycle. It is hoped that you can get the right one you want based on the above instruction.

Let’s watch a video about the IPS electric unicycle riding it!

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