How To Add Battery For IPS I100 Electric Unicycle

Recently, IPS store has a discount, and IPS I100 electric unicycle is fairly cheap in price, so that I get one for myself. From the point of cost performance, after I100 upgrades latest, its motor power is the same with that of I150 and I200, namely 450W. The only difference is the batteries. And the price difference is big, compared when doing activity. Besides, I150 and I200 battery is not excellent, their instantaneous discharge capacity is not as good as Panasonic.
Electric Unicycle BatteryElectric Unicycle Battery
After a few days of riding, I can ride it on the street. But the battery is really a trouble. On flat road, this unicycle is good, and it can run full claimed 10 km. If it does up-hill riding, its battery does not work well. After reading some I100 tear-down posts, I find that there is space that can be used to equip battery for IPS I100 electric unicycle. I think adding more battery can improve the performance of the unicycle. Here are two ways to install battery for the unicycle.
Electric Unicycle BatteryElectric Unicycle Battery
One is to add a set of 12 series of Panasonic in 2900 and make it parallel with the original unicycle battery. This can avoid waste to the largest extent, with no burden of the external battery. It is hoped that the big electric current of Panasonic can provide the full capacity power of 450W motor when doing uphill riding. The other way is to replace the original unicycle battery with Panasonic 2900, and the original unicycle battery is used as a spare 2 plugins. After the original unicycle battery working as plugins, it will direct connect an air outlet, with the original charger. It’ s hard to see whether it is safe or not.  
Electric Unicycle Battery
These two ways have its advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to see which one is better. In order to improve the performance of the IPS I100 electric unicycle, you can try the two ways. It is hoped that there is at least one way can work out.


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