How Is IPS Self Balancing Unicycle

If you think two wheels electric vehicle is too heavy, you might as well try the IPS self balancing unicycle, which is the world’ s smallest self balancing unicycle. It consists of powerful motor drive, with speed up to 16 kilometers per hour, suitable for daily inter-city commuting and weekend leisure use.

IPS unicycle is said to be the minimum, the most environmental protecting and the most convenient tool. The self balancing electric unicycle is more compact than any folding electric bike, and more fun when you use it. Because it has a gyroscope sensor, obtaining regulation ability, so as long as you put your feet up, you can use it for walking, quite simple and easy. This unicycle is light in weight, weighing about 10 kg. You can bring it into the shop, restaurant, elevator, office, movie theater, classroom, bus or train easily and conveniently. It’ s not like electric bike, and you don’ t have to lock it up, because it can be carried, not easy to be stolen.  

You can put feet respectively on the folding pedals of the both sides of wheel. Gently leaning forward is for moving on, backward tilting is for stopping. Left or right leaning is for turning. The more your body leans forward, the faster the speed is. A series of gyroscopes of the unicycle can ensure it to be balanced. The unicycle needs around one hour of charging time. After fully charged, it can run for a long time. What’ s more, this unicycle can run on the slope up to 15% of the mountain road, quite impressive and attractive.

From the above, you can understand how this IPS self balancing unicycle actually is clearly. It is no doubt that this unicycle is really practical, useful and functional for daily use, bringing you great benefits and convenience if you get it for yourself.

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