Gold Dual Wheels Electric Scooter Worth 390000 Dollars

The topic today is about a special version of dual wheels electric scooter, which is made of pure gold, costing up to 390000 dollars. Solowheel has promoted Hovertrax dual wheels self balancing electric scooter, which is a very small and portable tool instead of walking, but it is 1495 dollars. The price makes many users to think whether it can be applied for practical use after spending so much money to buy it.

However, if you see today’ s introduction of the gold customized version Solowheel Hovertrax, you would not think the average $1495 price is expensive. It is reported that this gold version dual wheels electric scooter costs up to 390000 dollars. That’ s really impressive.
Gold Dual Wheels Electric Scooter
The gold customized version Solowheel Hovertrax dual wheels electric scooter is made by the famous luxury designer Alexander Amosu for a mysterious customer on condition of anonymity, to help the customer’ s own desire come true. It is said that this mysterious customer has owned a pure gold mobile phone and gold Rolls-Royce, naturally needing a gold version dual wheels electric scooter to match.  

The spokesman of Amosu said in an interview that the shell of this electric scooter took half a month to carry with gold completely. The shell consisted of two parts, and the middle pedal part still used ordinary Solowheel Hovertrax material.

In addition, for other customers, Amosu also introduced a more populist service, that is provide plating service for ordinary Solowheel Hovertrax, and you can choose different color such as yellow, pink and white gold. The price is between $1562 to $1719.

In fact, this is not the first time that electric scooter is equipped with golden cloak. Earlier this year, the British luxury retailers Goldenie launched a $44000 gold Segwheel electric unicycle. It seems that the rich are now began to choose their new toys.

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