German Expert Playing Ninebot One Electric Unicycle

Today, the topic is about a German expert playing Ninebot One electric unicycle. This expert is professional and skillful, capable of many uncommon movements skills, such as going through single-log bridge, riding on one foot, standing on hands and so on.
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-1
When asked what to do when meeting horizontal bar, I would say going around as far as possible. While, the player from Berlin going through it with one foot on the pedal. It seems not enough, he can even ride with handstand. That’ s really unusual and special.  
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-2
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-3
Riding by himself is not enough. He even rides with children. Besides, he rides the Ninebot One electric unicycle to play basketball.
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-4
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-5
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-6
What’ s more, he can play it with attractive woman to experience of feeling of flying.

Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-7

Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-8

on skatepark, Ninebot One can still be used for different movements skills. One person riding two electric unicycles can also be fulfilled.  
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-9
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle-10
The flexibility and playability of Ninebot One are really impressive and remarkable. The player’ s show surprises us again. 

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