Following Ninebot to Latin America: Brazil ES International Electronics Show

Latin America’ s largest and most professional electronics, household appliances and IT products exhibition, Brazil’ s electronics show(ELETROLAR SHOW), was hold on July 20, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exhibition brought together the largest brand companies of the industry, including Samsung, Apple, Ford and other well-known brands. 2015 Eletrolar Show was the first to accept Chinese companies, and at the same time, it celebrated the 10th anniversary of the party.
Ninebot Electric scooter
After ten years of development, the Brazilian ES show has attracted many famous enterprises to display their high quality brands and their latest products in the exhibition show. On July 20, Ninebot has displayed its all series products, including Ninebot one, in order to show the rapid development of modern intelligent short transportation industry in China.
Brazil ES Show
As the biggest B2B trade exhibition of Brazil and Latin America, with more than 1.5 billion dollars of trading volumes in 2014, the 2015 show has involved electronics, communication products, home appliances, personal car electronic products, etc.
Brazil ES Electronics Exhibition
Due to Brazilian industry trade protection policy, the Brazilian international electronics show earlier was not open to Chinese manufacturers before. The successfully held 2014 football World Cup and the coming 2016 Olympics on Rio, Brazil make Brazil more attractive and eye-catching around the world. For Chinese enterprises, the first time participating electronics show in Brazil has great significance.
Brazil ES Electronics Show
As one of the BRICS, Brazil has a large population, huge market potential, and constantly open posture. Ninebot stationed in the exhibition, having brought many surprises to participants on July 20.
Ninebot Electric Scooters
Following Ninebot to Brazil, you can surely have a great fun.

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