Similarly, as with the wide range of various electric bicycles of the organization, the bundling of the Fiido D4s is additionally essential. Sizes uttered that the Chinese electric bike arrives virtually already assembled and will require the assembly of only some components, such as the saddle, the pedals, and the rear reflector.

Thanks to the assembly kit included in the package, elementary operations to contain all the tools necessary for assembling the bicycle.



FIIDO D4s reckoned as a folding version of the bike; even though the body is small, the overall appearance still looks trendier. The fuselage adopts a cool black design, giving people a sense of calm and mystery. Both men and women can easily control. The body comprises high-quality lightweight aluminum combination outlines; aluminum compound forestalls rust to the bike frame. The lightweight and rigid aluminum alloy frame have a 120kg payload. FIIDO D4s implements a solid folding design, which can be folded in 3 seconds, easily accommodates no space, and is especially suitable for people who work.

The seat pad of D4s embraces an ergonomic plan, and the focal profound pit configuration style can improve the warmth dissemination and make every day riding more agreeable. Furthermore, the seat pad’s tallness and the handlebar can be balanced by the stature, which is very intimate and convenient. 20-inch shockproof inflatable tires that work animatedly with the double-disc brakes making it more steady and effective braking, give the rider a comfortable and safe riding experience in all-terrain.



FIIDO D4S offers an incredible 250 watts engine that delivers the speed of 25km/h and 30-degree steep slopes; using a brush-less and toothed engine, the power consumption is lower; the perseverance is 20% stronger than the standard brush-less motor.

The 6-speed manual transmission from Shimano represents quality and guarantees a complete driving experience. Air-filled 20-inch tires give grasp, paying little heed to the weather and the road surface. They empower a safe braking process double disc brake. The handlebar is completely equipped and offers a digital speedometer, light switch, and horn, as well as a user-friendly circuit. The Fiido D42 electric bicycle includes a 12-tooth flywheel and 52-tooth large chain for a comfortable ride and adjusts to various road conditions. It also has a built-in large-capacity battery 10.4Ah 36v. The body is stylish and straightforward, and the lines are beautiful, and equipped with a USB phone holder, front light, horn, display, the body can fold in half.



The battery of the Fiido D4s is lithium, as indicated by the company, which should guarantee about 500 charge cycles and a maximum 80 km range with minimal pedal assistance. In our tests, however, we managed to get to about 70 Km with the M1 mode, about 45 KM with the M3 model (in which the engine delivers 75% of power), and just over 30 Km using it completely with the accelerator pedal.

From 0 to 100%, full charging takes place in about 7 hours via an external power supply, which for my tastes, has a cable that is far too short and uncomfortable to use in specific scenarios.


Bigger wheels, a battery with significant autonomy, disc brakes, relatively small weight, and size and new onboard computer makes the Fiido D4s one of the most intriguing electric bicycles for individuals who want to move around the city with total autonomy and respecting the environment.

The torque sensor’s absence could make it a bit longer to get used to the propulsion at the start. You should make sure to climb and start with mode 1. Still, all in all, it is a compact, complete, and very electric bike pleasant to drive: in short, if you are looking for an economic pedal-assisted bike with excellent design and good handling, then you will have to enter the Fiido D4s among the models to be assessed.

The bike is quite good, and the battery life is more durable. And with three riding modes can be switched, can make riding more enjoyable. You can find this fantastic FIIDO D4s Folding Moped Bicycle on for $699.99 only.

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