F-Wheel DYU Electric Bike Review: What you Need to Know

Are you an outdoor person? Do you like cycling and enjoying nature and the wind on your face? What better opportunity to stay outdoors and enjoy the beautiful the world has to offer and do it on an electric bike, and which better bike to ride than the F-wheel DYU Electric Bike. See, there is nothing that is as relaxing as driving around town on such a scooter. Let’s take a look at what the DYU D1 electric bike has to offer;

DYU Electric Bike

Design & Build

The DYU has an interesting design – well made, but with a few quirks. Importantly, the frame is designed in a way that a carry handle is created in the bike’s middle, which also doubles up as a good place to feed through a chain and lock. It is very easy to transport than ordinary pushbikes, but at 12kg it’s still not something you’d want to carry too far. Billed as a folding bike it’s only the handlebars that fold down

Performance and comfortability

The electric bike maintains its advertised 20km hour speed the majority of the times, and only when going up hills did we see it drop to 15km/hour. The DYU has a waterproof rating of IP54, which means it is okay to take it out when it is raining. But be careful if you do, as the 12in tires can become a little slippy when wet. The seat itself is not height-adjustable, which serves the feeling that this is a very small electric bike. However, there is plenty of room between the handlebars and the seat for your legs, even the pedal bars are just 20cm off the floor and they could stand to be a little longer making the bike very comfortable.


There’s a 4400mAh battery inside which the company claims is capable of 20km, but in our testing, we found the maximum distance closer to 10km. Of course, the speed you travel will affect this, so going full-pelt probably will not help here.

Our Verdict

The bike is a lot of fun to use and ride, and more so once you become comfortable with its tiny design. We would prefer to be able to see how fast we’re going without resorting to the mobile app and the ability to adjust the seat’s height accordingly. It is however difficult to find a defect to our electric bike, which has been able to prove to have a sporting character and above all to keep up with a heavyweight although autonomy and speed are reduced but without giving up the fun.


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