Extendable Electric Unicycle Trolley For Convenient Use

Today, I’ d like to introduce you a helpful and practical equipment for electric unicycle, that is electric unicycle trolley. This trolley is extendable and useful, making the use of electric scooter more convenient and easier. I get one for my self balancing electric unicycle, and it turns to be great. Thus, I sincerely recommend it to you. In the following, here is the information about this trolley.  
Electric Unicycle Trolley
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: black
Weight: 600g
Electric Unicycle Trolley-1
Shrinking size: 45cm
Extended size: 95cm
Electric Unicycle Trolley-2
Suitable for AIRWHEEL, FOSJOAS, Solcoo, CXM, F-WHEEL, Legway, Rockwheel, KEDILONG, IPS T200, IPS T260, IPS I100, IPS I150, IPS I200 series electric unicycles
Electric Unicycle Trolley-3
More convenient for you to move the electric unicycle when it is not allowed to be used in some occasion, such as shopping mall, subway and other public places

From the above, it is easy to conclude that this electric unicycle trolley is really great and excellent for different types of electric unicycles. If you have a electric scooter, no matter which brand it is, this extendable trolley is definitely a good equipment for you to have.

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