Eprocool Plastic Flashing Wheels Skateboard For Great Fun

When wandering on the market, I find an interesting and funny product, named Eprocool plastic flashing wheels skateboard. This skateboard is designed to be like a fish. When riding it, you can experience the feeling of being like a flying fish, going through all traffic jam freely. To know more details about this skateboard, you can read the following.
Eprocool Plastic Flashing Wheels Skateboard
This skateboard is 55cm in length, 14cm in width and 9cm in height, net weighing 1800g, in the color of blue. Made of plastic deck, PU wheel and aluminum alloy trunk, this skateboard is super durable and practical for long time use.
Eprocool Plastic Flashing Wheels Skateboard-1
The panel of this Eprocool plastic flashing wheels skateboard uses imported transparent PP raw material, having super good toughness. It also uses the ABEC 7 bearings, chrome steel perlin and high quality solid PU round to improve durability. Using integrated set of suspension shaft fixed can reduce friction. Four wheels applies magnetic core light-emitting technology, very cool.
Eprocool Plastic Flashing Wheels Skateboard-2
As it is light, small and cool, this skateboard, like flying fish, is loved by young people. Riding the skateboard brings them great fun.

In a word, this Eprocool plastic flashing wheels skateboard is really funny and interesting. To spend spare time, riding the skateboard is a good choice.

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