Electric Unicycle Non-slip Stickers Make Your Riding Safer And More Comfortable

When wandering on the market, I am attracted by electric unicycle non-slip stickers. Those stickers are quite useful and helpful, able to make your electric unicycle riding safer and more comfortable, if you apply them for your electric unicycle pedals. To know more details about those stickers, you can read the following.    

electric unicycle non-slip stickers

Material: emery
Size: 8.6*5cm
Weight: 10g
Color: black, yellow, black and yellow

electric unicycle non-slip stickers

Clean pedals firstly
After tearing the release papers, directly attaching them to the pedals
Then using scissors or a utility knife to cut off the extra non-slip stickers to achieve the aesthetic effect

electric unicycle non-slip stickers

Function: effectively preventing you from wrestling because of the slippery pedals

In a word, those electric unicycle non-slip stickers are high quality useful and practical products, quite simple to install and extremely functional to use. Applying them on your electric unicycle pedals, you can enjoy the great benefits, comfort and convenience those stickers can bring to you.


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