Electric Unicycle Bumper Strip Protects Your Unicycle From Damage

Today, I’ d like to show you a useful and practical equipment for electric unicycle, called electric unicycle bumper strip. This bumper strip can protect your unicycle from damage and save your leg from pain while riding, extremely practical and functional for use. And now, let’ s have a close look at this bumper strip in the following in details.

Name: multifunctional wheelbarrow bumper strip
Material: advanced elastic NBR
Color: coffee, dark yellow, yellow, green, white, pink
Weight: 168g

Size: 2m(L)*8cm(W)
Thickness: 9mm
Advise: 2pcs for one unicycle

Essential product for the beginner of learning the electric unicycle
When you ride the scooter for long time, your inside of lower leg will pain because of the rub with case, so this soft rubber strip can effectively protect your legs and make them feel very comfortable all the time.

It can effectively protect the electric scooter case from damage.
It is suitable for decoration, and it can be installed on some dangerous places at home, such as TV cupboard, bed corner, pillar and so on. It can also prevent the boby from safety accident effectively.

All in all, this electric unicycle bumper strip is a useful, helpful and practical equipment for your electric unicycle. Getting it for practical use can not only protect your unicycle from damage, but also ensure your safety and comfort while riding.


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