Electric Scooter: All you need to know

The rise of micro-mobility companies has been well documented over the last few years with companies like Xiaomi in China providing consumers with convenient options for last-mile transportation.
What most cities agree with is that electric scooters, electric bikes, and pedal bikes, whether docked or dockless, are viable solutions to help alleviate traffic congestion, especially at rush hours, and they are excited about that.

Xiaomi Electric scooter

Electric scooter: The design
E-scooters, much like their non-powered siblings are about as straightforward as it gets when it comes to personal transportation devices.
In their simplest form scooters are composed of a narrow platform or deck, t-stem handlebars with a throttle and hand brakes, two wheels (although some models come with three or four), and front and rear suspension. Most scooters are fold-able, and some models also include a seat. For those models that has a seat, you are free to make use of the seat or stand on the deck.

When it comes to variation, scooters are what they are. Alter the design too much, and they become an entirely different form of transportation. However, they do possess a few key areas where a slight difference makes a significant impact on performance.

Speed, Capacity and Range
Xiaomi electric scooter max out at 25 mph. Though most e-scooters can top out at speeds close to 30 mph (with some newer models flirting with the 35- mph mark) rare is the time an adult rider can achieve this mark.
This works well for riding electric scooters in an urban environment since it lends itself to a more comfortable, confident rider. Plus, anything faster typically invites accident and potential injury.

Xiaomi electric scooter
More so than most other electric rides, a scooters range and speed is dictated directly by the capacity it carries and the terrain it traverses. With few exceptions, most scooter manufacturers provide an ideal set of circumstances to reach optimal range and speed, usually defined as a 165 lb rider on a smooth flat surface.

As with most personal e-vehicles, such as hoverboards, self-balancing unicycles, and Segways, the individual riding the device most often determines just how safe it is. However, staying upright on a scooter is less fraught with danger versus those other options.
The primary safety issue with scooters is when you place them among large groups of pedestrians and cars, which is happening now in a number of major cities across Europe.

Xiaomi electric scooter
This intermingling of people on foot and those scooting by at a top speed of 15 mph has created an uptick in accidents between the two, though reliable data does not yet exist on the exact numbers.
Beyond possible run-ins with non-riders, another primary safety concern revolves around the attire of the actual riders. Though every scooter manufacturer and ride-sharing company recommend the use of a helmet, and many cities dictate the wearing.

Data indicates society needs a viable last-mile alternative to the current transportation options that are congesting and polluting the world’s most populous cities. At Banggood.com you can purchase an electric scooter at an affordable rate. At the ongoing 0.01 lucky draw you stand a chance to win one of this piece of Tech.

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