Dual Wheels Electric Scooter Charm

Let’s take a look at this Dual Wheels Electric Scooter , it like a pair of self-balancing charging roller shoes, seemingly simple, but inside they are full of high-tech.

Dual Wheels Electric Scooter exterior colors for the dark red, compact, built-foot and weighs about 4 kg detector, when not in use can be flexibly carry in your hand or placed in a backpack. It is equipped with two wheels, pedals, electric motors, sensors and a tachometer. Wheels run mainly by leg movement controlled by the feet and toes or heels Gently press the forward / backward movement. In addition, users with different pressures can control the body’s feet turned around. Dual Wheels Electric Scooter built-in lithium battery, long charging time is 1 hour; support travel 6.5 kilometers away, the speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

Let’s take a look at his basic features
Speed: 10 km / h
Stroke: 6.5 km
Charging time: 1 hour
Total weight: 4KG
Maximum load: 109KG

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