Dual Wheel Electric Scooter Bag For Easy Carrying And Storage

Recently, a new practical and useful electric scooter accessory appears on the market, called dual wheel electric scooter bag. This bag is purposely designed for dual wheel electric scooter, to ensure easy carrying and storage. If you are bothered by how to carry it or store it easily and conveniently, this bag is a good solution for you. In the following, here is the detailed information about this bag.  
Dual Wheel Electric Scooter Bag
This bag is made of polyester, Oxford fabric and PVC paintcoat, quite practical and durable for use. It is approximately 320g in weight, quite light to carry. Its color is blue and black, matching the color of dual wheel electric scooter.
Dual Wheel Electric Scooter Bag-1
This dual wheel electric scooter bag has has high capacity and waterproof function, ideal and perfect for electric scooter carrying and storage. This bag also has a netlike bag on top for scooter battery. Dual-zipper design makes it easy to open.  
Dual Wheel Electric Scooter Bag-2
This scooter bag is suitable for 6.5 inches scooter. With 2 belts, it can be used as backpack or handheld bag, fairly convenient and practical to use.  

In order to carry or store dual wheel electric scooter easily and conveniently, this dual wheel electric scooter bag is the best solution for you. With this bag, you can carry the electric scooter wherever you want, and keep it well.


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