Digoo DG-M1X The Digital Choice For Surveillance

The digital video camera can be so stunning for purposes of surveillance. It’s even more fun receiving and sending data through a computer network and even an Internet! This simply means that you can also access this data directly from the network connection! All these amazing qualities can be provided by an IP camera! With a wide range of technologies, it can allow you to record HD videos, adjustability to light and even the remote focus! Let’s take a specific study of features of this smart Digoo DG-M1X IP camera, the best selling camera at Banggood!

ip camera


This camera model is a wireless with a mini WIFI USB. The Internet protocol camera also has the progressive CMOS sensor which works to ensure that your camera work to adjust to the changing light levels to ensure the clarity of the video! The IP camera also has a wide lens that measures 3.6 mm. This lens has a higher definition time R-CUT auto switch filter to ensure that you adjust correctly to changing times of day and night. The IP camera will also provide you with a feature that gaps the noise, the Digital Noise R reduction image. Can take HD videos of 960p, with a resolution of 1300000 pixels. It also has a compression ability of H264!


The IP Camera has just an amazing ability to support various memory devises including the micro TF Card slot which has a memory that goes up to 64 GB. It also has a local storage Onvif support which is automatic on the Onvif port. The network protocols it possesses includes the DNS/DDNS, SMTP, UPnP, DHCP and TCP/IP. The IP camera also has special security support for the WFA, WPA/WPA2 personal and the WPS2.O security support!

The IP camera makeip camera

The Digoo DG-M1x IP camera has a frame rate of 25 FBS and an Internet adaptive features that are adjustable i.e. the picture zoom support which can manually adjust the lens into the desired focus. It can also set the brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.

The benefits it can give us

Its adjustable allowing you to adjust the video into the quality you desire. The image resolutions given by the camera is far much greater compared to other analog cameras. it offers the remote accessibility meaning that you can be easily accessed by the rightful owners with devises that’s enabled to access. This IP camera also give you a chance to use the WIFI and the Internet!

Though, the internet protocol camera might be compromised by issues such as hacking which really interferes with security, the benefits that it gives us is just overwhelming and we really need to consider getting this bestselling IP camera at Banggood! It’s the best entity for home surveillance!

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