Differences Of IPS121, IPS122 And IPS123 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Among all the IPS self balancing unicycles, there are three models which look like the same, that is IPS121, IPS122 and IPS123. However, there are still differences among them. The topic today is about the differences of those three models. And now, let’ s discuss about it together in the following.

It is obvious that those three models have the same tire size and same packing dimension. As for the top speed, maximum uphill angle, maximum power output, charging voltage, maximum load and color, they are all the same.

Those three models only have differences on weight, the fullest electric biggest mileage, battery, charging time. IPS123 is lighter than IPS121 and IPS122, having lowest battery capacity and demanding less charging time. As for the fullest electric biggest mileage, IPS121 reaches up to 40km, IPS122 30km and IPS123 15km. It is no doubt that the IPS121 is the best on mileage.

By now, you can have a clear mind of the differences of IPS121, IPS122 and IPS123. It is hoped that you can find the most suitable one for yourself based on the above information.

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