Conceptional And Distinctive Self Balancing Electric Unicycles

For now, self balancing electric unicycle industry meets a lot of difficulties about across the way, innovation and so on. In the long run, when the industry standard, perfect laws and regulations are introduced, the development of electric unicycle will really enter the peak period. But all this can not stop electric unicycle lovers to love for them.
Actually, self balancing electric unicycle industry does not lack creative ideas, and various innovative electric unicycles bring us a great visual impact. In the following, let’ s see those innovative, conceptional and distinctive electric unicycle together.



Embrio is designed by Canada Bombardier Design Group, won 2003 Industrial Design Excellence Prize Award.


Now, Bombardier is made into the prototype, and it only has one wheel landing at run time. But, when its speed reaches 12mph, its second small wheel will land on the ground. Embrio uses technology similar to three degrees of freedom gyro, making the Segway balanced. In addition, it uses the hydrogen fuel engine with dreamy color and the active suspension system based on variable damping.



Brazilian designers Dinard Da Mata, through studying, designed a conceptional electric unicycle for Fiat, called eyes. This new compact private unicycle is for rapid and sustainable future city. Equipped with electric propulsion system, balance sensor, drive control and voice command system, this unicycle both has gorgeous external structure, and at the same time, improves the internal performance.



RYNO is developed by the Portland RYNO motors, an electric unicycle instead of walking, specifically for commuter.


RYNO is similar to Segway electric unicycle. The rider leans forward to accelerate, backward to decelerate. Unlike the Segway, RYNO adopts self balancing technology, able to automatically adjust forward or backward tilt when the driver body leans too left or right. That is to say, this unicycle will never tumble.



Usually, self balancing electric unicycle only has one wheel. But, this electric scooter, designed by Bimal Rajappan who is inspired by the Segway concept design, is unique and distinctive.
XOR is more like to tie Segway on the rider’ s lap, and it has a pair of wheels driven by electric motor without hub. The device is controlled by module operation installed on the forearm, looking like wearing a pair of oversized boots. It is just a concept, and production really needs to solve many problems. But this form of electric scooter may become a new tool in the future personal transportation.

After knowing those self balancing electric unicycle, you can understand that the world is not lack of creativity. The more innovative, the better the life is.

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