Comparison Between IPS I100 Self Balancing Unicycle And IPS I130 Self Balancing Unicycle

IPS, as the most popular and famous brand of self balancing electric unicycle, has many high quality products, among which IPS I100 and IPS I130 are extremely well known to the public. In the following, here is the comparison between the two popular self balancing electric unicycles, allowing you to see which one is better for you.   

Appearance comparison

IPS I100

It is quite clear that IPS I100 and IPS I130 have little difference in appearance. However, IPS I130 is more colorful than IPS I100. IPS I100 only has black version, while IPS I130 has white, blue, orange, black and red, more options for customers to choose.

Specification comparison

IPS I100

According to specification comparison, it is obvious that the IPS I100 is lighter than IPS I130. However, IPS I130 is faster than IPS I100, and it supports more carrying load than that of IPS I100. It seems that IPS I130 wins on specification comparison.

Price comparison

On Banggood, the original price of IPS I100 is more expensive than that of IPS I130. However, after discounts, the two self balancing electric unicycles have the same price.

After appearance, specification and price comparison, you can have a general knowledge of IPS I100 and IPS I130. It is hoped that based on the above information, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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