Which Brand Of Electric Self Balancing Unicycle Is Good

Which Brand Of Electric Self Balancing Unicycle Is Good

Because of its environmental protection, small and convenient use, self balancing unicycle becomes popular and famous among the young, forming a beautiful scenery in every big city. At present, there are three major brands of unicycle, which all have their distinguishing features. Many people do not know which brand is good. The main attention focus on price, quality and safety. Now, let’ s do comparison based on data to see which brand is good.

Performance comparison

It is mainly about the performance comparison in battery capacity, range, maximum load and so on. The latest product F400 of IPS is chosen to do comparison.

Battery capacity 400WH 88.8WH 122WH
Range 40KM 12-15KM 16KM
Maximum load 100KG 120KG 113KG

It is clear to see from the above that IPS F400 is outstanding and superior in both battery capacity and range. In respect of the maximum load, the difference is not very big, and AIRWHEEL X3 is slightly in the lead. In the range, AIRWHEEL explicitly points out that when it bears 65kg load, the range reaches 15 km. The other two brands do not mention that. In fact, because of the different road conditions, bearing and range are also different. The bigger battery capacity, the greater the range is. It can obviously reduce the charging times.

Performance score:

Appearance comparison

Self Balancing Unicycle

Those three appearance designs all have their own characteristics. In terms of color, they all have two kinds, black and white, while the IPS has blue and red, proving more choices for customers. In design, the difference is not big. Whether they are beautiful or not depends on personal taste. In size, IPS F400 is 498 * 144 * 415mm. AIRWHEEL is 450mm in height and 395mm in length. SOLOWHEEL is 432 * 326 * 483mm. For collection, SOLOWHEEL is the smallest, easy to put. In weight, AIRWHEEL is the lightest, fairly portable.
Appearance score:

Workmanship comparison

IPS has adopted ABS material. ABS is one of the five synthetic resin, and it has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. In addition, the unicycle body also applies the advanced technology of the lacquer, allowing it to show its advancement. Its parts use metal materials to enhance the wear resistance and strike capability.

Self Balancing Unicycle

AIRWHEEL adopts advanced PC material, featuring high strength, flame retardant, wear-resistance, fight oxidation and so on. Its pedals apply aviation aluminum with high strength, super wide, suitable for foot structure and comfortable for ride.

AIRWHEEL Self Balancing Unicycle

The fuselage of SOLOWHEEL uses NPCS-ISO high-tech nano materials, wear-resisting and never deforming. Using stable red silicone shin guards fits for ergonomic design, making it closer to the calf. This unicycle also uses natural rubber wheel tires, resulting in good effects of gripping or filtering suspension. The main body of the unicycle and its parts adopt the technology of the lacquer, made of metal materials, similar to IPS.

Self Balancing Unicycle

Workmanship score:

Price and sales comparison

There are big different in the price of those three brands, such as 4499 yuan for IPS F400, 2499 yuan for AIRWHEEL X3, and 15800 yuan for SOLOWHEEL. Price difference is directly reflected in sales. Monthly, AIRWHEEL X3 sells 351 pieces, IPS F400 94 pieces, and SOLOWHEEL only 13 pieces. However, such a high price results in higher profits.

Prices and sales score:

In conclude, IPS and AIRWHEEL have gained great popularity because of their good work, and very good configuration or price advantage. In contrast, the SOLOWHEEL is not so popular due to its expensive price, but it should be admitted that it is in the lead in high-tech application of materials and workmanship. Back to the topic of this article, which brand is good, in fact, everyone in the heart has answer.

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