Best Electric Unicycle Practice Shin Pads For Children

Do your kids ride electric unicycle? Are you worrying about their safety? If yes, here is protective equipment for your children, named electric unicycle practice shin pads. Those pads are well-designed products, ideal and perfect for electric unicycle riders. If you are curious about them and desiring to know more, you can read the following.
Electric Unicycle Practice Shin Pads
Materials: PP and EVA
Width: min. 13.5cm
      max. 10cm
Weight: 80g
Color: black, red, white, blue
Electric Unicycle Shin Pads
High strength PP surface, resisting strong impact to prevent bruise
EVA lining, soft, comfortable and breathe freely
Electric Unicycle Practice Pads
Guard plate with elastic to adjust tightness
Suitable for children
Perfectly fit leg arc, providing the best protection

After knowing the above information, you can clearly see that those electric unicycle practice shin pads are the best protective equipment for your children. Getting them for your kids, you can worry little about their safety.

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