Banggood 13th Anniversary: One Cent Snatch Special Deals For You

As Banggood 13th anniversary goes in full swing, Banggood’s One Cent Snatch is going to available in the form of Group draw during the 13th-anniversary celebration to offer you with fantastic deals in an interesting way, aimed at sharing the happiness of Banggood 13th anniversary with the followers of One Cent Snatch. The special activity will be scheduled to be offered in the period of September, 1st to September 3rd and in the blowout sale (September 9th to September 12th)of Banggood 13th anniversary.

One Cent Snatch

As we know, One Cent Snatch has provided you with the products at give-away prices since its launching, which never disappoints their participants. At present, millions of people have joined this game and share it with their friends. In the time of Banggood 13th anniversary, the prizes will be much richer than ever before. And most of them are from Banggood top value brands. For example,  the top value products such as BlitzWolf® BW-LT17 Desk Lamp Touch.BlitzWolf® BW-BH1 earphone, Xiaomi Soocas Electric Toothbrush will be available in the group draw.

However, to grab them into your pocket, you should know more clearly about the group draw. In the following, I will show more details about the rules of the activity.

Group Draw:

Winners will produce among team participants. Prizes are limited and allocated in advance to the teams who completed first. Each team has only one winner.

For example, this Snatch round begins at 10:00 and ends at 11:00. There are 100 prizes for this round. The first 100 teams that have full members before 11:00 are selected, and one member of each selected team is randomly chosen to win.

How To Participate:

Click on a product to enter the product details page and then enter the order payment page by purchasing. After completing payment, follow the prompts to invite a friend to join your team.

Your friend opens the app through the shared link, joins the team, and completes the order payment.

If enough of your friends join before the countdown ends, the team will be eligible for the lucky draw. Each team contains at least three participants.

Winning results are available within 1 hour after the event ends. Winning orders are shipped, and everyone who did not win or failed to complete a team receives a refund in their BGpay account.

Note: You can check the BGpay account balance in My Account.


Due to the time difference between different areas, the time to start differs from area to area. Please remember that the beginning time is based on Bejing time.

And there is only one round during the first period(from September, 1st to September 3rd) and it begins on September 1st; during the blowout sale, it is available every day and there are three rounds for this period.

The group draw activity of Banggood 13th anniversary will be a great chance for you to shop what you want with little money. So please check here to know more about the activity and then you can be lucky enough to get the product you want.




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