Amazing Ten New Type Travel Tools

On the market, there are more and more strange travel tools. Folding bicycles, self balancing electric unicycles, electric skateboards emerge in endlessly. And now, let’ s take a look at ten popular new type travel tools together in the following.
New Type Travel Tools
Segway is currently the best well-known self balancing electric scooter on the market. Many security companies have bought Segway products for patrolling in the parking lot. Recently, Segway has also specially released a three-wheel version SE-3 Patroller for administrative law enforcement and public safety patrol.
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Many folding bikes are now being smaller and smaller, but this Impossible folding bicycle is the perfection. The bike only weighs 5 kilograms, and the body can be folded into a disc, able to be put into the bag. The Impossible’ s body framework uses carbon fiber material, and only connection parts of the front and the rear wheels apply heavy metal material, which is the reason why this kind of bicycle can be so lightly. Impossible folding bike once landed on Kickstarter to attract many investors, but in the end, this project has been canceled. It is said that developers will take this project to Kickstarter again in 2015.
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Compared with the above powerful and unconstrained style, Walk Wing electric skateboard shoes is a very retro design. Walk Wing is fixed on the user’ s shoes through toe cap and ankle tie with gear. With wheels not put down, the user can walk as usual. If you stamp on the heel of the pedal, the four wheels will automatically put down, and the user can step on a skateboard shoes for fast travel.
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Unicycle is not an easy-to-grasp tool instead of walking. In my impression, only extreme sports enthusiasts and circus members will ride a unicycle, but the electric unicycle SBU V3 might change your mind. SBU V3 will automatically adjust the front and rear balance, but the left and right balance will need the rider to control. Once you learn how to use this unicycle, you can rely on it to enjoy fast speed of 19 kilometers per hour.
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Halfbike II is a clever bicycle. As the name implies, it is only a “half” bicycle. From appearance, Halfbike II looks like a tricycle for kids, having a large front wheel and two small steering rear wheels, but Halfbike II has canceled seat. The user needs to stand to ride the bicycle. After landing Kickstarter, this product has raised $1 million.
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Solowheel has launched Hovertrax self balancing electric scooter, which is a popular and eye-catching product on CES conference this year. This product is like a mixture of Segway and skateboard. Hovertrax only weighs about 5kg, small and light, simple and beautiful. After charging completed, it can support 13 kilometers’ riding.
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Currently, on the market, there are a wide variety of simple and easy transportation, but Movepak electric skateboard developed by Brazil Start-up company can easily catch the attention of consumers. The company combines backpack with electric skateboard for storage and transport. Some time, you can easily fold it into roller bag or suitcase. Movepak has also landed Kickstarter, but it is a pity that it has failed to meet fundraising goal of $40,000.
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The Rocketskates electric skateboard shoes also looks cool. Two shoes can be paired with cell phone via Bluetooth. Battery status, performance records and other information can be displayed on the form a complete set of application. Specific users only need to make the action of skating, and when using the electric skateboard shoes, it will provide additional acceleration. Applying Rocketskates electric skateboard shoes, you can enjoy fast speed up to 19km/h. This creative project on Kickstarter has raised enough money, but the price of this product is not cheap, up to $499 price.
New Type Travel Tools-8
WalkCar is a portable tool instead of walking designed by Cocoa Motors, a Japan 26-year-old engineer. The developer says it can be put into a pocket. WalkCar looks like a piece of metal plate equipped with four wheels, supporting weight 120 kilograms. Its maximum speed can reach 10 kilometers per hour. When not needed, it can be placed on backpack.
New Type Travel Tools-9
Hammacher Schlemmer is an American manufacturer specialized in high-end household goods. This company has also introduced a lot of own brands high-end technology products, such as 3D printing pen, hot wheels skateboard and so on. The most notable product of this year is Post Modern skateboard. Of course, the so-called skateboard only has two wheels, and there is no board. Users only need to put two feet into the wheel, and then they can use it to the fullest.   

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