Airwheel X5 Music Self Balancing Electric Unicycle: Tune In Your Journey

Do you want to have tune in your journey of riding electric unicycle? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is getting Airwheel X5 music self balancing electric unicycle for yourself. This electric unicycle is a music edition, allowing nice tune to accompany you all the way. In the following, here is the detailed information about this music edition electric unicycle.  

Enchanting music
Airwheel X5 Music Electric Unicycle-1

Hi-Fi sound quality
Airwheel X5 Music Electric Unicycle-2

Intelligent wireless transmission chip
Airwheel X5 Music Electric Unicycle-3

Dust-proof charge port & LED power level indicator
Airwheel X5 Music Electric Unicycle-4

Range doubled
Airwheel X5 Music Electric Unicycle-5 
It is easy to conclude from the above that this Airwheel X5 music self balancing electric unicycle is a good companion in your journey. If you get it for yourself, you can enjoy the fast speed and pleasant music all the way, and your journey will not be boring any more.  


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