Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter On The World’ s First Pure Robot Hotel

Here is an astonishing news for everyone. The world’ s first pure robot hotel opens. This hotel is named Henn-na hotel, located on Sasebo city, Nagasaki, Japan, and it opens on July 17. In the hotel conference, Airwheel S5 also appears, and its intelligent charm with the high-tech atmosphere attracts many people’ s attention.

Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter

The pure robot hotel services team is composed of robots, and the user can open the door through the facial recognition technology. The hotel is equipped with 10 weird robot waiters. Some of them are proficient in many languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

World’ s First Pure Robot Hotel

The establishment of the robot hotel makes it realize high-tech and intelligence on the basic necessities of life. The appearance of Airwheel S5 brings great convenient to the travel of user. Interesting robot hotel and a cool Airwheel S5 electric scooter can surely enable tourists to have a wonderful and amazing trip.

Airwheel S5
If you are unable to personally experience the pure robot hotel intelligent life charm, you might as well feel the future of travel way and the technology strength through Airwheel S5.

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