Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter For Outdoor Cross-country Activities

For outdoor enthusiasts, everywhere is scenery. At leisure time, they often drive SUV to go through the great river north and south. But in many cases, the destination seems just around the corner, actually far apart. On the narrow path, SUV could not go on. At this time, a lot of people can only choose to hike. In fact, they could have a better choice.
Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter
Airwheel S5 electric scooter is designed for cross-country activities. 680wh large capacity battery, magnetic levitation super mute motor, with vast range and super power, make this self balancing electric scooter perfect for cross-country activities.
Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter-1
In order to better reflect the wild style of Airwheel S5, in appearance, this electric scooter has adopted more straightforward modeling. 16 inch big wheel and the tire width of more bulky design, can greatly improve its ability to adapt to complex road conditions. Convenient folding joystick makes it easy to store.
Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter-2
Smart, cool, wild and bold, Airwheel S5 brings different feelings to users. As if the S3 is mainly suitable for the urban traffic, the design concept of S5 is to make the city people to truly freed themselves, in a more environmental friendly green travel way to get close to nature and conquer nature.

Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter-3

Airwheel S5 related APP is on research and development, and it is forthcoming. With the APP, the S5 will become more intelligent. After users download the APP, it can real-time monitor self balancing electric scooter data on mobile phones, to understand the status of the riding. Users can also use the APP to update and correct the electric scooter, as well as adjust the speed limit. It can also fulfill a key to lock the electric scooter.

For outdoor cross-country activities, in addition to the SUV, you can have a better choice instead of walking through the mountains and rivers, that is riding Airwheel S5 electric scooter to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the trip. 

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