Airwheel Q5 Self Balancing Scooter Highlights Your Riding Experience And Daily Life

Airwheel Q5 self balancing scooter is the first self balancing scooter characterized by LED atmosphere lights. This scooter can highlight your riding experience and daily life if you get it for yourself. If you are curious about this scooter, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce it to you in details.

Airwheel Q5 Self Balancing Scooter

Concise yet not simple

Airwheel Q5 Concise yet not simple

Removable magnified cushion pad

Airwheel Q5 Removable magnified cushion pad

Responding speed raised by 0.01s

Airwheel Q5 Responding speed raised by 0.01s

Upgraded round-shaped pedals

Airwheel Q5 Upgraded round-shaped pedals

Sony li-ion battery
Airwheel Q5 Sony li-ion battery

Ultra-fast charging

Airwheel Q5 Ultra-fast charging

By now, you can have a general knowledge of this Airwheel Q5 Electric Unicycle from the above. It is quite clear that this scooter is really advanced, practical and convenient for daily use. Getting it for yourself, you will surely have a great fun everyday.


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