ADO A20 Electric Bike World Premiere

Banggood is set to announce the world premiere of the Ado A20 electric bike on May 6th. With high specifications, it will retails for only $749 during the promotion period(Coupon code: BGADOA20). Plus, the first ten buyers of this electric bike will have the added advantage of walking away with an extra battery and other gifts like ADO A20 T-shirts in different colors. For more details about the world  premiere, please click here.

ADO A20 Electric Bike

So, what do you get from the A20 e-bike,


The ADO A20 electric bicycle has a black aluminum alloy frame which makes it stable and durable while still having a maximum payload of 120kg. This e-bike is foldable and weighs only 24kg. This comes in handy while traveling with it as it does not occupy a lot of space. And Ado A20 has a classic six-axis wheel design and an adjustable seat making it more comfortable to ride.

Tire and Breaks

The ADO A20 is made of 20” inflatable rubber tires. This and the Shimano 7 speed transmission makes it easy to ride the bicycle at low, medium, and high speeds while still being stable on any ground. We also have to mention that it is IPX5 waterproof therefore there is no need to worry about water damage.

Double shock absorption design

The bike’s shock absorbers are positioned on the front fork making it easy to break even on rocky grounds with ease.  Besides, double elastic saddle and multi-layer saddle tube design can effectively improve shock absorption.

Speed and battery

The e-bike has a maximum speed of 35km/h. this speed is the best as it works on both congested and open areas making it ideal for urban commuting. The ADO A20 electric bicycle comes powered with a powerful and highly efficient changeable and rechargeable 10.4AH battery. This battery offers you 45km of mileage on electric mode and 80km on electric and pedal mode.

Green commuting

For personal healthy living and ensuring a healthy planet inhibition, practicing green commuting is advised.  With that in mind, then the Ado A20 is the bike for you as it’s foldable for easy storage and light on weight in case you need to lift it.

Hassle-free after-sales support, warranty up to 10 years

ADO as a company has promised to provide consumers with localized hassle-free technology and after-sales service in European countries and later expand worldwide in no time. For warranty policies, ADO offers 10 years warranty for the frame, and a 1-year warranty covers structural parts-front fork, seat tube, etc. and on Electrical components like the charger, battery, motor, controller, etc.

ADO A20 e-bike is now available on Banggood at a premiere price from May 6th to 31st. make sure you grab one of these bikes and enjoy the deals it comes packed with.

ADO A20 Electric Bike World Premiere
Article Name
ADO A20 Electric Bike World Premiere
Banggood is set to announce the world premiere of the Ado A20 electric bike on May 6th.

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