500W Dual Wheels Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Here is a good news for people who are fond of electric unicycle, that is 500W dual wheels self balancing electric unicycle appears on the market. This electric unicycle is stylish and cool, and it has black color and flower color, quite beautiful and attractive. To know how this electric unicycle actually is, you can read the following, which will show you its specifications and features clearly.





Built-in 132Wh SAMSUNG Lithium-polymer battery allow it travel 15-20km, and it only take 45 minutes to charge 80% energy.
It is the most portable vehicle with a built-in carrying handle whose weight is only 12kg, that you can easy to carry it on the bus or subway.
With small size design that it cannot take up any more space than a briefcase
Self-balancing unicycle is composed of super magnetic levitation 500W motor,
wear-resisting silicone, ABS Shell, aviation aluminum pedal and wear and anti-skid tire.

After knowing about its specifications and features, you can have a clear mind of this 500W dual wheels self balancing electric unicycle. It is easy to see that this electric unicycle is really excellent, cool and practical for use.


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