3 Wheels Breaststroke Scooter For Exercise And Fun

Do you want to exercise your body and at the same time have fun? If yes, here is suggestion for you, that is getting 3 wheels breaststroke scooter for yourself. With this scooter, it can not only exercise your body, but also allow you to have fun. To know what this scooter is really like, you can read the following.  

3 wheels breaststroke scooter

Type: scooter
Model number: SY-113
Body material: aluminum
Wheel device: planar
Wheel material: PU
Color: as the picture shown (color randomly delivery)
Suitable for: child (>3 years old)

3 wheels breaststroke scooter

Frame is made of heavy duty steel.
Dual foot platforms improve the stability.
3 wheels breaststroke design provides better stability.
Front handbrake delivers better control and safety.
Some parts need to be assemble by yourself.
Scooter can be folded up for easy storage and transport.
It is well known for easy turning, drifting and acceleration.
It is great for building strength on legs, body coordination and balance.

In short, this 3 wheels breaststroke scooter is a high quality reliable and practical product for you to have if you are over three years old. Getting it for yourself, you can fully enjoy both exercise and fun at the same time.

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