16-inch High Power IPS F400 Electric Scooter

Recently, I find a large high power electric scooter, called IPS F400 electric scooter. This scooter is a 16inch electric unicycle powered by 400wh battery, supporting 40km mileage. Its size and mileage are quite impressive, attracting many people’ s attention.  

If you are curious about this 16-inch scooter, you can continue reading, and the following will show you this product in details.  


Size and color

IPS F400 electric scooter

Product details

IPS F400 electric scooter

Three main parts of IPS

IPS F400 electric scooter

IPS 6 shields

IPS F400 electric scooter

According to the above detailed information, it is no doubt that this 16-inch high power IPS F400 electric scooter is a high quality product. Getting it for yourself, you can enjoy safe and wonderful riding to the fullest.

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